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Vehicle Insurance For College Kids

Car insurance is required for every driver, no matter their age. Certain groups of people are considered safer drivers and consequently are charged less for insurance. Unfortunately, students do not fall into this group. College students and people under the age of 25 typically are charged quite a bit for insurance. This is because the… Read more »

Motorcycle Insurance – What Coverage Do You Want?

Possessing a motorbike could be an enjoyable experience, but when the time comes for insurance, I see most of the same people become lost in regards to what kind of motorcycle coverage they need. So, precisely what must you search for inside a motorcycle insurance policy? Here are a few quick ideas to help. …

Now Muslims Could Possibly Get Sharia Vehicle Insurance, consistent with Islamic Law

New insurance company, Salaam Halal Insurance, is the first to be compliant with Islamic Law as well as provide the usual services that the many conventional insurance companies do today. To be Islamic compliant means that they must not use the revenue to speculate or take any financial gambles with it. It also means that… Read more »