WindChaser Outdoor Misting Fan

WindChaser Outdoor Misting Fan
WindChaser Outdoor Misting Fan Detail
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WindChaser Outdoor Misting Fan Description

This WindChaser fan takes breezy cool-down to a new level by adding water to the mix. Perfect for hot, dry climates, the fan combines an extra-powerful shower-proof motor with simple operation. Just hook it to a standard 3/4-inch garden hose, turn it on, and sit back. The fan features aerodynamic blades and four misting nozzles angled out from the center panel to direct water into the air path. Capable of cooling outdoor temperature a full 25 degrees F, the fan also cuts down on d…

This misting fan provides a refreshing mist along with cool air to ease the heat during summer months. Its 3-speed motor provides 40,000 BTUs of cooling air in an area of up to 640 sq. ft. Features immersion shock protection, UV and rust resistance, 4-nozzle hub and 6′ hose. Height adjusts to 56″. Connects to standard garden hoses. Extra mist-nozzles included. Can be used indoors without mister operation.

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WindChaser Outdoor Misting Fan